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Every 90 years the orbit of Enyo’s Comet casts a bloody shadow on the Earth. The greatest warriors, all over the world, can empower themselves with dangerous elements. The shadow has been cast once again. L Redbreaker has invited you to the BLOOD//RUSH tournament, held on their mysterious private island. The prize of victory would be life-changing. Get ready to battle!

BLOOD//RUSH is a fighting game ttrpg for two or three players using a deck of cards as a trick-taking game. You play the game as a series of rounds in the tournament, moving through characters and exploring the epic highs and lows of combat sport. 

It can be played with two players or with a GM, who doesn’t play cards but narrates scenes around the tournament and describes reactions of any crowd. They may also play defeated fighters after their initial player creates the next fighter. If there is no GM, a more familiar player may take more of this responsibility then their partner. There are picklists and questions to help define the nature of the world.

A One-Page RPG for the #TinyTome jam


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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