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"The Infinite Dancefloor is every nightclub and none of them. A sprawling, ever growing, ever shifting venue behind a thousand small doors. A party that never ends. A night where the sun never rises. Unfortunately that can make it a pain to actually leave the Infinite Dancefloor once you’re there. But you and your friends are done. You probably should have left at least two hours ago but you didn’t and now you’re here. You’re separated from one of your gang. You need to find them then find an exit. The Infinite Dancefloor won’t make it easy for you. You’ll need to band together and maybe you’re already a little past that but you don’t have much choice. Let’s get outta here already."

The Infinite Dancefloor is a GMless rpg inspired by those rough nights that could have been good, if you just stopped sooner.  You'll use dice and a tarot/oracle deck to determine and overcome Obstacles in your escape from the title venue, such as finding a friend you've been seperated, facing down other partygoers and confronting the location itself.  The Dancefloor will keep warping you back to the beginning, putting pressure on the cracks in your friendship.

The Infinite Dancefloor is a hack of Time to Drop was written for the Record Collection 2k23 Jam, and is designed to be played while listening to Time Flies by Ladyhawke.

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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