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Wild Duelist is a medieval action role-playing game for 2 to 6 players. You play an animalfolk warrior journeying to an arranged duel. Your journey will be dangerous. It will question your honour as well as threaten your life. The end of the journey may spell the end of your life.

Wild Duelist is Illuminated by LUMEN for rule-chewy, fast-paced combat. It is inspired by chivalric romance, Arthurian legend, Child Ballads and the recent Green Knight film.

The Land of the Chimaer

"When I was younger, my grandy told me how ze travelled across the Chimaer with a band of roaming rats, saw the crossing of the sea spirits, and spat in the face of the chief of an Aeberaich alligator clan. I loved my grandy, though I always wondered how true hir tall tales were.

While I learned to tend to nature my mother told me of a distant war, between Maude III, King of Estamire, who they now call the Bold, and the Graesdunn Union Congress. She explained what she thought our lot in life would be. Periods of peace cut into periods of violence, be that bloody winter months or a century's worth of death. She warned me that the powerful were always fighting, whether we saw the fights or not, and they were only fighting for themselves.

On nights before harvest my other mother would tell me the stories she grew up with, of the Great Exorcism of Urstar. They told me what they thought of magic, they weren’t superstitious, like the baker, nor did they place it on a pedestal, like some of the children did. They taught me magic belonged to all beastkind who cared to learn it, and that included the cruel and commanding as well as those who would stand against them.

My cousin explained the fact that people met for duels, to explain how xeir father died. Xe said xeir father travelled to Oriria to challenge an owl who had promised them payment, then refused when the work was done. They met at dawn, surrounded by onlookers, they both drew their weapons and engaged at a count of ten. They sent the body home with the payment that was promised.

The night before I left home, to answer a challenge delivered to me, my aunt drew me a map, and told me of those I might meet. She pointed out the villages where I’d find a bed, and warned of the paths where I’d meet with danger. She told me the journey may be more dangerous than my destination, so I should be sure I felt strongly about it. 

“It’s one thing to protect yourself from bandits who tried to stop you from getting home. The whole thing changes when you’re fighting on the road so you can fight in the city.” “I’m not going to fight, I’m going to defend my honour.”

She smiled at me with sad eyes. It was her way of asking me to stay, without asking me. But I couldn’t stay. The date of my duel was already set."

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The Wild Duelist is a really cool game and you should get it!

I actually wrote an entire thread about it here on Twitter.

5 stars well deserved!

I love the vibes from this art