Rat Wave Game House

A ttrpg of escape and bad nights, set to music. Inspired by Time Flies by Ladyhawke.
A noirish thriller for sad space cowboys. An Orbital Blues adventure.
A hexcrawling beat-em-up for two players, using a deck of playing cards.
A system-agnostic setting guide for the space fantasy western world, inspired by Jack Kirby's New Gods.
An assymetric ttrpg inspired by classic movie monsters, for 1-3 players
A Belonging outside Belonging ttrpg starring mentally ill swamp things in a deprived commuter town. 2nd Edition.
A medieval action ttrpg about animalfolk warriors travelling to violent duels. Illuminated by LUMEN.
A demonic heist game. A hack of Stealing the Throne. Steal back your sold soul.
A Lost and Found solo journaling game, where you play a story as you journey from inception to transformation.
A solitary game of self-exploration, magic, music and pain.

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